Echte liefde is
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Verliefdheid en echte liefde
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  • Teksten over echte liefde in het Engels

Love begins whit a smile
grow whit a kiss
ends whit a hartbreak

a boy like you is hard to find
youre the one thats on my mind
i dont know what you have done
but i know that your the one

You know I love you,
You know I care,
Whenever you need me,
I'll be there


you can fall from a tree

you can fall from a mounatain

but the best thing you can do

is fall in love with me

You van break a tree
You can break a bone
You can break a cell phone
But please baby
Please dont break my heart

Ask Anyone
When Your Name Comes Up In A Conversation My Eyes Sparkle and My Smile Shines

What is minnie without mickey
what is tiger without pooh
what is spongebob without patrick
What is me without you


When the snow stops falling

and people stops calling

when it is all to much to take care

Remember I wil be there

You and i
I and you
we are one
because I LOVE YOU